Bright Bold and Blue Makeup

I know I am not the only one who has gotten stuck in the same makeup routine! Smoky but Natural is gorgeous, you can't go wrong with it but it has become my makeup dealth trap. I decided to step away from Peach Smoothie and warm brown for a day and do something fun, hell its Friday. These are all the products I used to achieve this stunning look! 

I tried a new primer today and didnt like it, and I used the Morphe Vault collection but since it is not out yet, I found a palette with the exact same colors I used to achieve this look. 

1. Tarte Shape Concealer: I can not say enough about this concealer. It's long wearing, pigmented, and it gives me no creases. Need I say more. Everytime Tarte has a sale they exclude this one damn product which is annoying, but it proves my point. This is a staple in my makeup collection.

2. MAC Creme de Nude: When I want a nude that will not take focus away from my eyes this one is perfect. This color is too light for my skin tone, so  I just use it for a pop in the center of my lips then blend it into my lip liner to create a perfect pale nude lip.

3. MAC Melba Blush: Melba is perfect for just adding warmth and that perfect peach tone to your skin.

4. Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette: Here is another option for a few beautiful purple toned shadows to use to achieve the halo eye look I created today. In the crease apply the color "Extraction", blend out. Use "Tongue Pop" for your transition shade. Use "Coma" in the inner and outer corner. You know the drill.....BLEND!!!

5. Dior Forever: This foundation is incredible!  It’s a medium to full coverage.  I applied using a standard foundation brush then pressed the foundation into my skin using a beauty sponge. 

6. Anastasia Brow Definer: You have seen my snaps, and if you haven't there just isn't another brow product on the market that for me works as well. I have tried so many and i just have to stick with what works. It applies nicely and the color selections are great.

7. Maybelline Eyeliner: I’ve always preferred gel liner, especially when doing a smoky eye. While the product is still wet i will use a small smudger brush to smoke out the liner. This one is affordable and gets the job done.

8. Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette: I love this palette, honestly who doesn't. Today was the first time I have every touched the color "Twerk". I am not a blue fan but this blue is different it leans towards purple blue so perfect if you have hazel or brown eyes which wearing blue can sometimes not be as complimentary. I used "Beam" to highlight my brow bone.

9.  Violet Voss "Vamptress" Lashes: If you like House of Lashes Iconic but dont love the band. I would give these a try.  

10. Becca Champagne Pop: I have a few highlighter tricks that I will share with you all soon. I love this product because the color is just so flattering on my skin and range of other skin tones.

11. Pat McGrath Lip Pencil: Obsessed with this formula!!!!! I have using lip liner since I was 16! I can not do my lips without it and I mentioned on Snapchat and Instagram that the color "Contour" is my perfect nude shade. You guys have to try these, they're incredible.

12. Nars Laguana Bronzer: This is an oldie but a goodie.


XOXO, Gossip Girl... lol... I couldn't help myself