Badass Pandora Stations you need to be listening to!

There’s nothing better than listening to good music. I’ve been listening to so much music recently. My husband and I last year upgraded from free to paid Pandora and the fact that i can skip however much i like. It’s the little things that just bring a girl joy sometimes lol. For some reason we also share the exact Pandora account. We constantly joke and tease each other, I will call him and be like” Dan you liked this song “… ", on Beyonce radio, that song is awful!” I thumbs it down. And we always laugh and say why don’t we have 2 accounts, because were lovers and love sharing. I take a lot of pride in my stations and I have made some of them soooo good.

One another note, Who invented Pandora? The idea is genius! I have discovered so many artists through them like: Sia, Chris Stapleton, Bishop Briggs, Flume, and so much more.


Here are my top favorite stations. Categorized of course :)

Chill as Fuck:

  1. Deep House

  2. Jason Mraz

  3. John Mayor

  4. Zero 7**

  5. Nashville Cast Radio**

Dance All Day & Night:

  1. Rhianna

  2. Major Lazer**

  3. Ciara**

  4. The Pussycat Dolls

  5. Beyonce

Good Vibes:

  1. Bishop Briggs**

  2. Imagine Dragons

  3. Ingrid Michaelson**

  4. Phil Collins - Perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch day.

  5. Beautiful People

***- Are my Ride or Dies, to narrow it down to 15 stations was so hard, but these are my most listened to stations. Comment below and tell me what are your favorite stations.

xoxo Jackie