My Glam Christmas Tree Decor

My Christmas tree has gone through a few themes and evolved into this gorgeous masterpiece. I first started wanting an all pastel confectioner treats which then turned into a parisian theme. Then I went pink and gold and last year I added black. This year is exactly what I envisioned and I am so happy with the way it turned out. My tree this year is ultra feminine and glamourous. I’ve been collecting ornaments and decor the past few years and I got some new stuff this year.

My Christmas Tree

I love the Christmas Tree I purchased this year. It fits perfectly in my space. The tree is full and lush and ultra glamourous. It is pre-lit and comes in 3 sections and is very simple to put together.

Here’s a list of the best online Christmas Trees I picked for you guys

White Xmas Tree.jpg

Picks & Sprays

I love adding sprays to a tree, it adds texture and will give your tree a whimisical look. I got my sprays from Michaels, Pier 1, At Home, and Vals Home Decor (Tampa Store). If you live in Tampa you have to go check out Vals. They have a huge selection of beautiful Christmas Decor and the prices are very affordable.

Below are the exact sprays and some really good dupes for you.


Starting from the top the White feather spray to white balls with the curls I purchased all of these sprays from Vals. The Sprays below are the Mini White Snowball Picks which are from Michaels. The Large White Ball Sprays and the Silver Sprays are both from Pier 1.


I am so crazy obsessed with these Disco Ball Picks when the tree is lit up they sparkle so bright. I got these from the store: At Home. Sadly they do not sell online, but you can see if they sell them at a location near you.

Below are Dupes of the additional sprays and picks in my tree.

Garland & Flowers

I purchased these Pink Flocked Pointsettas from Michaels two years ago. I put my entire family on the hunt for everyone that Tampa Bay, Jupiter, & West Palm Beach had in stock lol. The year after my mom suggested I add White Pointsettas to brighten my tree since back then I had a green tree. I love adding flowers to a tree because they make the tree look lush and give a romantic feeling to the entire theme. If you have a very for lack of a better words shitty tree (my old one) or a sparse tree flowers are great additions. They fill in the holes and will make your tree look more abundant.

This is my first christmas every putting garland on my tree and for a perfectionist like myself trying to get each loop perfect, OH BITCH! Thirty minutes later... I purchased this garland at Vals Home Decor ( Tampa Store). I found this Black Ball Garland that looks identical to the one I have if you cant get to Vals. Below I added a couple other options I thought you would love too.


Ornaments & More

For the most part I like to have my tree look like it came out of a Store front window on 5th Avenue but I do like to add a couple ornaments that are extra special and meaningful to me. When Dan and I were first together, the first year of our relationship I lived in California and he lived in Florida. When he came to visit me, we went to Huntington Beach and passed this surf shop and saw this seashell angel ornament. He called me his angel so we bought it. I will never not have this one my tree.


In addition to that I have a glittered wedding gown which I bought a few years back. A white glittered squirrel for my Grandpa who passed away who meant so much to me. It’s a inside joke. I have a Glass Mosaic “R” which I bought this year from Pier 1. It’s sold out online but they have them in store. I also have a picture of Dan and I of our wedding day that my aunt gave us one year. And this year I got this glass polar bear which is just stunning. You should make your tree how ever you want. I love when people come over and get a closer look and find those pieces because there a conversation piece and it makes it unique.

You can click the images below to scroll through.

The next two ornaments are from Z-Gallerie: The Victoria Ornament & The Glitter Burst Ornament . Z Gallerie knows how to take Christmas decor to the next level. To save money use code: BF25 (valid until Nov 27 to save 25% off)

As for the rest of my ornaments, most I have collected throughout the years from Home Goods, Michaels, and Pottery Barn. This year I purchased the large white sequin glitter ball ornaments, a few more mercury glass ornaments, the teardrop crystal ornaments which all came from Vals. The Teardrop crystal ornaments literally look like jewelry and I am obsessed. I also got the polar bear ornament from At Home. Below I have the exact items and some dupes, with a few additional gorgeous pieces I know you will love.

The tree skirt from Tahari is the exact tree skirt I have. My mom made the ribbons for me. She stacked both the black glitter and the stripped ribbon on top to add more depth. And the gorgeous Pink Glitter Hearts I have, I got them from Michaels during Valentines Day FYI. I figured I would let you know because I would be pissed if you didnt let me know.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and comment below and Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo Jackie